• DFX Brush Soap 100 g

DFX soaps are specifically designed for the maintenance of your brushes.
A moisturizing treatment to take good care of your brushes.
You can also use this soap to clean your sponges. A scent that makes a success. A smell that everyone, without exception, appreciates. The sponges are very often close to the nose of people who are applying make-up. It is therefore important to have a winning scent.
They are offered in metal boxes.
Capacity: 100g
How to use this soap for your brushes:
• Using water, take care to remove make-up from the bristles of your brush.
• Rub your brush on the soap to obtain a light creamy substance.
• Place the head of your brush inside your palm or on a small plastic platform provided for cleaning brushes. And make circular and delicate movements so as to clean all the bristles of your brush.
• Once you have thoroughly penetrated the soap between the bristles of your brush. Rinse the brush in the same way with circular motions under lukewarm water. You may need to repeat this process if there is a lot of paint in the brush.
• Remove excess water with a towel. Let the brushes dry before using them again.
• We advise you to hang your brushes to dry or let them dry flat on a towel.

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DFX Brush Soap 100 g

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