• Diamond FX - Black 45 gr

Diamond FX A brand of makeup that professional like and Pigment M love them! makeup pallets that all should have in their makeup palette.

Its pallets are water-based and very pronounced in pigments to provide bright colors.

Diamond FX offers the Essentials range - Neon and - Metallic 

The complete line of professional products Diamond FX's highly pigmented to give you the maximum result. Just as you mix a splash of water to obtain a texture choices that will cover perfectly all skin types.

 Easy to use and employment to both brushes and sponge.

- A sponge:  Easy to mix to create beautiful gradients.

 - Brush:That texture is ideal Neither too creamy nor too translucent achievements with brushes are flawless and opaque.

 One of the greatest qualities

 The colors can be superimposed without losing intensity or texture. Example: Creating a white snowflake on a blue background color it becomes feasible with Diamond FX.

 White remained white and did not melt in the background color.

  Once its applied the composition is so perfect that your makeup last all day without cracking or discoloration.

 Moreover Diamond FX dry in 30 seconds for maximum execution speed.Gentle on the skin, it removes in a jiffy. The secret lots of water.

 Diamond FX makeup container.The bottom of the screen housings 45 and 90 grams unscrew to allow different pellets fit. This is very convenient for transportation and provides quick deployment.

 Basic Applications:

 30gm little cover 50-200 faces or entire body

 45gm little cover 100-500 faces or two complete bodies

 90gm little cover or 250-1000 faces two to five whole bodies 

 * The given above can vary depending on the size of the models.

   Easily removed with soap and water, no special solvents are necessary. 

Diamond FX are manufactured to the standards of the EEC and FDA. 

Due to the fact that computer monitors are not able to reproduce accurate colors.



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Diamond FX - Black 45 gr

  • Brand: Diamond FX
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